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About Us

Jon Henry started as a mechanic. As far back as high school, he bought cars, fixed them, and passed a quality value on to his customers. With this love of cars, he went to work at the big dealerships. Their model didn’t work for him. He didn’t like the games, the gimmicks, or the managers behind closed doors. Many customers just wanted a reliable car but felt that they had to buy new—at a huge cost. He didn’t like having to sell people a car they couldn’t afford.

Jon Henry’s Auto Sales opened because Jon wanted to go back to what he loved—working on quality cars and giving customers a value they could trust.

Our mission is to provide our clients with affordable, dependable, low-maintenance vehicles; educate and empower them to make smart choices when purchasing; and help them get the best value for their budget.

This mission is why we offer the largest selection of used Toyota and Honda vehicles in Spokane, cars and trucks that are proven to be dependable, low-maintenance, and extremely high quality. This mission is why we only buy a small fraction of the vehicles we preview. We know to watch for rebuilt titles and cosmetic fixes covering up mechanical problems. We find the best of the best, put that car or truck through our  pecialized inspection, and then offer a quality vehicle to our customers.

We offer the dependability of a new car with a used car price.

Meet the Team

Jon Henry
Principal / Buyer
Mike Vaughn
Sales Manager
DIRECT 509-954-2574 (cell)
Jeff Wicke
Nick Gurney
Lot Attendant
TJ Karras

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